Friday, November 4, 2016

Tomato fruit for fast food restaurants

The world tomato comes from tomatl in Aztec language. Christopher Columbus would have been the first to bring back to Europe in early 1490’s where they were initially cultivated as ornamental and tabletop decorations.

Desirable characteristics of fresh market tomato include both appearance and nutritional factors. For fast food chains, tomato fruit of uniform size, shape, and color, is the primary requirement, while gourmet chefs are looking for a variety of fruit colors, sizes and flavor characteristics.

Uniformly red fruits are preferred to other colors. From the perspectives of producers, the fruits should have a long shelf-life, so they can stay firm during transportation to the market.

Flavor (determined by the content of free sugar, sugar:acid ration, organics acids is of importance to consumer of fresh tomato fruits.

A diet with regular consumption of tomatoes is directly linked with a reduction of prostate cancer. Lycopene, red pigment found in tomatoes; has antioxidant properties and may help promote health and protect against heart disease and some forms of cancer.
Tomato fruit for fast food restaurants
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